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Software that never fails to communicate with you in mind!

HomeAdvantage™ is a powerful point-of-care productivity solution for home health agencies, public health organizations, and hospitals. Healthcare helps businesses improve scheduling, tracking, and reporting of all field/staff personnel.

Over 1,200 agencies field personnel in ten states rely on Healthcare for tracking and reporting on more than 4,000 clients monthly.

  • Improves agency cash flow by speeding billing and collections.
  • Lowers administration overhead by eliminating excessive manual data entry, filing and paper handling.
  • Minimizes communication costs and improves communication with field staff.
  • Improves the quality of Patient care by providing deviation in care plans.
Key Features
  • Automates staff scheduling and planning.
  • Up-to-the-minute capture of visit data, patient status, and special items.
  • Comprehensive management by exception reporting.
  • Integrated messaging.
  • Direct service delivery data capture and formatting for billing.
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