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Software that never fails to communicate with you in mind!

CaterXpert™ is a comprehensive catering management solution for caterers facing the challenge of business growth and a demanding clientele.

CaterXpert™ is the most comprehensive and accommodating catering management solution in the marketplace today. CaterXpert™ is a complete web-based service, which requires no special hardware or client-side software.

CaterXpert™ was designed incorporating actual work-flow processes from premier catering firms. Our solution is designed to be event-centric, not departmentally oriented as other catering software. This approach enhances collaboration, communication, and coordination among all the different groups-significantly reducing the chance for problems and improving the customer's experience.

  • Reduce paperwork and administrative time for sales personnel enabling them to generate more proposals.
  • Better record all miscellaneous items and costs and increase the profitability of each project.
  • Decrease costs by running warehouse operations more smoothly, with less inventory.
  • Cut costs in food spoilage and waste.
  • Ensure proper staffing and service levels for events.
  • Unload clerical work on Chefs and enable them to create unique menus and spend more time raining assistants.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by delivering a good number of "nearly flawless" events.
  • Improve communication and accountability across all groups.
  • Handle more business with less strife than ever before.

If CaterXpert™ can help top caterers in the nation's capital serve flawless events to the most discriminating customers-political power brokers, diplomats, and dignitaries-chances are it can help your business too!

Key Features
  • Sales
  • Kitchen
  • Scheduling
  • Warehouse/Inventory
  • Transportation
  • Accounting
  • Generate more sales proposals by reducing paperwork and minimizing unproductive admin time.
  • Capture all customer and event-related information—book new events, update events, view event history, create tastings, and record pertinent notes.
  • Menus may be copied, imported, or built via templates to eliminate time consuming menu-creation; up to four menus can be simultaneously created.
  • Unlimited versioning capabilities for proposals, modifications, etc. with complete audit trail of changes.
  • Set special instructions and comments for each menu item to inform all personnel.
  • Record all change requests, receipt, approval status, and commitments associated with changes in work orders.
  • Keeps organized records of all client preferences, special dietary requirements, and personnel preferences.
  • Generate automatic email alerts to respective departments or individuals when changes are made to an event.
  • Monitor the on-going status of each event’s work-flow progress via easy to read color-coded calendar.
  • The billing function allows third party billing, cost adjustments, and versioning capabilities to manage costs better for sales profitability.
  • Billing data interfaces with popular accounting packages.
  • Assign kitchen tasks according to personnel qualifications.
  • Automatically calculate ingredient quantities to achieve the right amount of food and avoid waste and spoilage.
  • Generate a "gather/shopping" list in minutes.
  • Determine and assign preparation-cooks for each preparation-item to increase kitchen operation efficiency; print preparation-sheets for cooks.
  • Accept or reject last minute change requests to the menu or kitchen.
  • Print site menus for an event, all events in a day, or all events for a specified time period.
  • View and edit detailed event notes to enhance customer service.
  • Create different colored labels to easily identify specific events, customers, their food, and event items for proper delivery, preparations, and display.
  • Maintain employee profiles, e.g., availability, qualifications, skills, rating, and preferences.
  • Mark each position for an event as penciled-in, left message, or confirmed.
  • Produce call-in/call-out sheets to track employee’s actual production hours.
  • Show only qualified and available personnel for an event. Specify your scheduling parameters and the system does the rest. With one click of your mouse, assigns all personnel in minutes.
  • Tools for managing event worker overtime.
  • Easy payroll export tools.
  • Communicate with staff via individual email & broadcast email.
  • Secure event staff web login to confirm schedules and get event details.
  • Special tools for managing event changes and cancellations.
  • Maintain vendor information that will increase efficiency of ordering and purchasing.
  • Track inventory orders, re-order levels, and depletion of items/stock.
  • Accept or reject beverage, disposables, and equipment orders assuring items will be available and present for the event.
  • Generate stock reports on a daily basis to ensure stock availability for all events in a given day.
  • Assign needed drivers based on availability for an event.
  • "Delivery personnel" filter shows only available drivers, trucks, and radios for speedy delivery scheduling.
  • Generates delivery route maps decreasing fuel costs, wasted time, and risk of untimely delivery.
  • Keep drivers well informed of each event’s progress and inventory thru event detail information.
  • Maintain delivery personnel file for easier driver management.
  • Maintain a vehicle information database for service requirements, repairs, and mileage, and depreciation records.
  • Assign and maintain radio information to those that utilize radio communication within delivery trucks.
  • Fully customizable printed client invoices.
  • Know sales tax liability at the click of a button.
  • Evaluate revenue and costs by Business Unit, Sales Person, Event Type and many other attributes.
  • Sophisticated tools for calculating Sales Person commissions based on unique variables, bill item margins and other considerations.
  • Export revenue, expenses and other critical information to spreadsheets or your accounting software.
  • Fully customizable to meet your specific accounting needs.
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