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Voice Enabled Services (Using Voice Portals and Interactive Voice Response Systems)

The Voice Portal and IVR System allow companies to Voice enable its existing business process to conduct transactions over the telephone or mobile phone with minimum investment. It can open new doors to customers around the world while increasing profits and improving efficiency.

A growing number of companies are adding or replacing their existing contact centers (Tele Enquiry Centers) with IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System - Computer based system, which can accept queries from callers and respond them automatically without any human intervention).

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Building a Toolbar in Internet Explorer

Toolbars provides a means to activate commands and tools contained in an application. To make the application user friendly, a toolbar can be used to expose the key functionality of the application. This toolbar is developed for our client Aquila Inc, Fairfax, VA.

If you are inquisitive to know about the toolbars present in Internet Explorer, or how to build one instead, this is the place to visit. This paper provides requisite information about toolbars in general and Aquila's toolbar in particular.

This paper first defines the types of bands present in Internet Explorer and what it takes to build them under the section:

  • "What you should know?" - Defines the types of bands present in Internet Explorer and what it takes to build them.
  • "Aquila Toolbar Features" - Provides an overview of Aquila's toolbar and its features.
  • "Understanding the Technology" – Provides the technical details and the problems faced and solutions while building the toolbar.

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